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.:+ Just A Girl +:.

I do what I want; you do what you're told.

16 July 1987
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I no longer use this journal. If you wish to get in touch with me, please add me on my friends only one at burnout_girl.

1039, adrian young, afi, american idiot, anaheim, anime, anime club meetings, anti-dress codes, anti-flag, anti-rules, arcades, band practice, bands, bathwater, beacon street, being on stage, billie joe, billie joe armstrong, bindis, black eyeliner, blondie, blue skies, bondage pants, bonus stage, brain stew, catcher in the rye, charcoal filter, clothes, conventions, converse shoes, cosplay, courtney love, crowd surfing, dance dance revolution, ddr, dir en grey, dookie, dreams, dyed hair, fandubbing, flash, flcl, freedom of expression, fukai mori, glitter, god, green day, greenday, grunge, gwen stefani, hacky-sack, hanging out at arcades, haushinka, hey suburbia, hooded sweatshirts, iced white mochas, idiots, insomniac, inuyasha, inuyasha's ears, j-pop, j-rock, japanese, japanese culture, jewelry, kagome, kandi, karaoke, kay hanley, kerplunk, king of bandit jing, kurt cobain, listening to music, little pink skulls, lower class brats, makeup, marilyn monroe, mean people suck, mike dirnt, minor threat, mohawks, morons, moshing, music, mustard plug, mxpx, my online friends, naruto, newgrounds, nimrod, nirvana, no doubt, nonconformity, offspring, oi, old good charlotte, operation ivy, orange county, ozma, pinhead gunpowder, pink hair, plaid skirts, punk rock, rain, rancid, ranma 1/2, reel big fish, rei-chan.net, return of saturn, rock, rock stars, save ferris, saves the day, school sucks, screeching weasel, scudelia electro, seinfeld, senshi-con, sex pistols, singing, singing with bands, ska, soccer, social distortion, spiderwebs, spikes, stars, sublime, the 50s, the arcade, the casualties, the distillers, the killers, the network, the pillows, the ramones, the virus, the white stripes, tom dumont, tony kanal, tragic kingdom, tre cool, unique styles, unity, voice acting, voiceover, warning, website design, wings, writing songs